ALL UAV’s sold, have a 3 day component (compulsory) hands on training course with a supplied manual which covers all the points below and much more.

We have a suggested simulator and a real plane/copter for you to purchase and practise on before attending the 3 day course – This will maximise your experience.

  • UAV regulations and flight Safety.
  • Preflight, mission and take-off checklist.
  • Flying and operator hands on manoeuvring procedures.
  • Ground-station set up.
  • Camera settings.
  • Data processing mission photos.
  • Maintenance of craft and on spot field repairs.
  • Flight planning and mission software. Complete several missions.
  • Buddy flying (duo) and simulation flying package provided prior to attending course.
  • Presentation of Certificate of Training on completion by instructor.

Training is held in Adelaide or onsite (additional costs may apply)