UAS Australia have trained, Certified CASA Pilots and can work in all states of Australia.

We can provide the following services in conjunction with the clients on ground capacity.

  1. We can fly the area for the purposes of mapping, contouring, stockpiles, volume computations, etc., etc.
  2. The client can either provide some ground control or all depending upon their in-house staff or access to local consulting surveyors.
  3. UAS will provide ground targets where necessary and if required produce RTK coordinates for those targets to produce the most accurate results possible for any and all applications in relation to the aerial flight.
  4. UAS Australia and their trained staff have pre-signed confidentiality agreements with the company and can in fact sign confidentiality agreements with the client ensuring the upmost confidence that UAS Australia will keep all client information and data secret.  These forms can be viewed and signed prior to the job starting with the client.
  5. Reduction of all flight data can be made by UAS Australia and a variety of deliverables in many formats can be provided.  See list below;

CAD Documentation – hard copy & PDF

  • Contour Plans (orthographic)
  • Contour 3D Views (isometric)
  • Cross Sections (orthographic)
  • Volumes (isometric)
  • Aerial Photo Plan
  • Aerial Photo Isometric
  • Solid Model 3D images
  • Solid Model 3D automation

See Quarry Example – See Stockpiles Example

Output Formats – electronic

  • 2D & 3D AutoDesk dwg
  • 2D & 3D Bentley dgn
  • 2D & 3D dxf format
  • 3D images – tiff, jpeg
  • 3D video – avi

UAS are pleased to provide quotes on all projects under confidentially agreement for their field time and / or reduction of data as required.