In Australia there are rules and regulations for UAVs for both commercial and hobbyist use. Click here to reach CASAs Flight Operations Part 101 for Unmanned Aircraft and Rocket Operations.

There is a lot covered in this section but the physical guidelines is that the UAV must not exceed 400 feet elevation above the ground and the UAV must not be out of line of sight or in a built up area. Different rules apply for hobbyist and commercial use.

As part of your 3-day training course all areas of safety and use of the UAS aircrafts will be covered and you should have a clear understanding of the information included in Part 101.

We have many safety functions and features inbuilt into the X6 such as the return to home function, GPS hold and the protective carbon housing surrounding each rotor to reduce the impact should a collision occur. See video on home page to see an example of the carbon housing during collisions.