Smart Planes Freya – Unmanned Aircraft

The Freya Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) has been in use for 4 years + overseas and has built a reputation based on powerful easy to use mapping software and flight planning. A robust airframe design and automated flying are perfect for a novice user.

With a typical mission altitude of 200m above ground level, the Freya UAS has an operational battery life of 35 minutes. The Freya wings are detachable so the aircraft can be easily transported inside a small case measuring 85 x 40 x 15 cm. The cleverly designed system requires only one person to operate the Freya plane which is setup in minutes and can be launched by the hand.

Once launched the full functionality of the on-board software takes over and the mission begins. Once completed taking photos the plane returns to its start position for landing. The Aerial Mapping PAMS software then processes the photo mosaic on the spot to check completeness of the flight mission. Flight DATA is then ready to be exported into a variety of software packages (see us for details). Fully portable, the Freya is ready for launch set up in 7 minutes. Fast service and repairs are carried out in Adelaide.

A demonstration of the Freya will clearly show the ease of use and the hands off approach to a unique mapping platform, Contact Us today for demonstration times in Adelaide.